Visited 2013-06-12
Rachael is very personable and professional, and does a fabulous job! Would recommend to anyone! Great value for money!!
Visited 2013-11-18
Rachael is LOVELY and her apartment is so nice, it's as comfy as going to a salon. Great range of colours. I will definitely be going back. Very easy to find.
Visited 2013-06-12
I visited Rachael almost 2 weeks ago for a shellac manicure, I was really spoilt for choice with her range of colours and its lasted my whole holiday with no chipping!I found Rachael herself really welcoming and friendly, we ended up having a great chat, and i thought it was a really nice touch to be offered a glass of wine, will definitely go back again.
Visited 2013-10-02
Rachel was lovely and made me feel completely at ease, most importantly my nails have never looked so good! her flat was right by the old street station which is very handy.
Visited 2013-08-26
The Shellac Manicure was great, and I liked Rachel, I thought she was professional and knew what she was doing. The only issue was that the manicure lasted only one week, and Shellac is supposed to last longer...
Visited 2013-09-26
Very relaxed and chilled for a late evening manicure with a glass of wine in a nice flat in Shoreditch. Great location and very friendly staff. I will come back
Visited 2013-04-09
I went along to have Shellac nail polish done. The quality of the manicure was fantastic and there were lots of colours to choose from. Rachael was really lovely, welcoming and chatty. My experience was 100% positive and I would definitely recommend to anyone that wanted a Shellac manicure!
Visited 2013-09-10
Really brilliant shellac manicure and pedicure from Rachael again. Highly recommended! Her flat is very warm and welcoming and my nails look fab. Her flat is only a couple of minutes from Old St tube so good location too
Visited 2013-10-28
Rachel is lovely. Apartment not too hard to find. Had great conversation and time flew by. My nails look amazing, great for my upcoming holiday. The best thing is they dry in no time so no waiting around as you would with a traditional manicure. Thanks!
Visited 2013-10-24
Rachel flat was very easy to find and very welcoming. She was lovely, offered me something to drink and had a great selection of colors. I'll be returning to her again.